ok whats the trick for getting a good up pick. Should I just practice chuggin with up picks? seems like I can do so well starting with down picks as long as it ENDS on a down pick and I meen it has to or else its wack. What did you guys do to help with this?

I just created a little exercise that picks a E power cord like this

down up down up let ring down... up down up... down up down.
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keep practicing and that little hesitation will go away. I had it too.
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Practice licks that require accented upstrokes like Sultan's of Swing.

Stroke order with the pick: down down up.

This takes practice. I don't know if you've heard the original? Knopfler plays it with the thumb and finger.

Repeat x4. It's the top end of a D Minor arpeggio.

It then moves to...

Repeat x4 and a half times, so you finish on the upstroke (the note F (13 th fret). It's the top end of a Bb Major arpeggio. Move this lick up a tone to C Major, and play 7 and a half times, so you finish on the note G (15th fret).

So that's a way of playing "the fast bit" on the Sultans of Swing solo. There are many other licks and musical phrases. I find that repetition licks, like this one are great for developing upstrokes. Since I use this stroke order: down down up for these kinda phrases.

Also, chromatics.

top e-8-7-6-5-6-7-8

Repeat, start on an upstroke, and accent the upstroke evey time you return to C. Transfer on to other strings.
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