ok i have been playing guitar for 6 yrs and am having no luck in writing music. I have always listened to music with extremely great riffs, so when i write a riff it does not sound good enough. to me a song has to have a great riff. alot of my riffs are not very diversed rhythmicaly, l can cover other music with any rhythmic style but when i write it is the same patterns. so any one have any tips on how to improve my guitar writing(and dont say try to play diffrent styles of music BC i have mastered just about every style of music i am interested in).

PS: I play a wide variety of metal.
you could always have a basic progression and add licks in between, thats not a bad idea.
just start listening to crappy music and ull feel better about ur own work
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i should pick a scale and create a progression in that scale, then throw in a lead that is an octave higher of the same scale?