Hey everyone
Check out my warmoth explorer build.
Flamed maple top, mahogany body, maple neck, ebony fretboard.

Ooo pretty

After 3 layers of dye

After 7 layers.
and then OH NOS happened! After having applied some sealer, it emulsified the black dye and turned it PURPLE. FLAMING PURPLE!
So after a couple heart attacks, I remove as much dye as i can with methyl hydrate, and start again repairing the burst... This time though I am buying black lacquer for the neck/body and burst edges, keeping the red dye w/ black highlights. In the end, I'm happy i had this screwup, since I think it will create a much better result... a deeper, more consistent burst effect with a nice deep black lacquer.

After I re-stained the red/black top, AFTER 4 coats of sealer. Really this picture doesn't justify, it looks truly incredible - amazing what you can get out of a "lower" grade maple top with deep penetrating dyes.
Although I have one question. As you can see, I taped off my neck socket - but for finishing the neck itself, do I paint where it will fit into the socket? Honestly, that sounds really f-ing hard. Any advice will be appreciated.
Yes you do have to, apart from the rectangle of wood that isn't going to be seen.
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don't paint it where it touches the body, there should be as much wood to wood contact between the neck and the body. Good looking guitar
She's a beaut. I love the burst, would have never suggested a burst on an explorer, but I really like it and would now consider doing it if I ever built one. What kind of hardware are you going to put in it? Any cool mods you're planning on doing with it or are you just going to go with the standard set-up?
If you ever do another one, you should try some higher grade maple with a transparent amber finish, or even a koa laminate
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Thanks everyone
Its all gold hardware going on it - very classy.
Not too sure about pickups yet, though it is gonna be a pretty standard setup. A standard beefy Gibson tone is what im going for. Warm and ballsy sounding!
I wish you would've left it purple, that wouldve been cool
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very nice, warmoth really is great isnt it?

ive always liked the explorer-style body, cant wait to see some finished pics, whats your plan on the neck?
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Ya warmoth has been expensive but worth it, very high quality.
In the middle of painting the guitar black... argh what a nightmare. Its so hard to get it perfect.
Quote by DeathByDestroyr
very nice, warmoth really is great isnt it?

ive always liked the explorer-style body, cant wait to see some finished pics, whats your plan on the neck?

Painting it black.
Hi Everyone
Thought I would give you a little update with some pics!
Sorry for the bad quality, it was taken from my iphone. Once she's looking nicer, I'll do so "real" pics for everyone

Finished the burst... black lacquer for the sides, back, edges, and 12 layers of red/black stain for the front.

Different angle...

Another angle.

I have a quick question for all you nitro experts... I'm using Behlen nitro (rattle cans), 3 to be exact... after 15-18 coats over the period of 2 weeks (started with 3 veerrryyy light coats, ended with 4-5 very heavy coats), and has been curing with a fan on it in my closet for 3 days since.
I've tried the ol "fingernail" test, and honestly, its pretty fricking rock hard... Using my thumbnail, pushing to the point of bending my nail, I cannot make a dent unless its on a sharp edge of the guitar. Also, there is next to zero nitro solvent smell... I can only pick up the faintest of nitro smell when my nose is literally touching the guitar.
You guys think its ready for a wetsand/buff and polish? Feels/smells like its curing rather extremely fast... must be that giant fan and low humidity.
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LOL I love thick glossy finished though. I think my cut polish is gonna have to be pretty bloody deep, there some indents I need to get rid of.
f***. nice job on that burst. thats amazing.
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Hi everyone
I left the guitar overnight just to be safe (extra cure time) and wet sanded it up to 1500.
Whats a good buffing compound to use for the polishing? I'm thinking of McGuire's 3 stage.