I really loved not so fast-type melodic guitar solo songs like April Sky by Vinnie Moore, For the love of god by Steve Vai, or Canon Rock... you got the idea. The crazy sweep picking or shredding is cool, but it got boring after a while so I prefer ballad-type solos

However, I had a hard time finding songs like these, can you guys recommend me some ?
satch usually has one or two on every album, pick the cheesiest song title and it'll be that one.
Most popular options would be
Satch - Always with me always with you
Ten Words
Starry night

Petrucci - Lost without you
Wishful thinking

Paul Gilbert - I cannot tell a lie
Silence followed by a deafening roar

Neil Zaza has quite a lot of melodic instrumentals..check him out.
Aliadiere - sadly has more syllables than goals this season."
Setanta commentator during Newcastle-Middlesbrough. .
can someone please tell me where i can find gp tab of this song by vinnie moore?? from now on. i learn thru gp so i need help... cant tab it myself..