So i have about £350-450 and i would like a new amp.

I play classic rock, blues, punk and reggae manly
It will be used for band pratice and gigs,

I am also going to buy a tubescreamer as well,

So far iv been looking at the peavey classic 30 and the laney vc30.

Anyhelp would be great thanks.
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I reckon you might be onto the right path already. Im not sure about the gain levels on the laney as iv yet to try that model but you might benefit from an OD if you were to get the classic for the punky stuff.
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Just an alternative I'd check out is the Kustom Wav 2x65w 2x12 combo. You would have to shop around to get to your budget price but the spec looks excellent on this one. Stylish too.


Or the Kustom Defender 50 for a smaller unit is spot on your budget

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I think the Classic 30 would be just what you want! =)

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Classic 30 + OD, but it depends if you want better cleans, cos then you'd want something like a fender Hot Rod Deluxe...but classic 30 sounds right for you
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I reckon you might be onto the right path already.

+1- not to say that there aren't other options, but those are the two main ones of which i'm aware.
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You can get Orange amps pretty cheap nowadays, and they sound perfect for what you're looking for. Check out the AD5C it's a bit below budget and might not be powerful enough for you, but it sounds awesome. A more powerful one would be theVox AD100VT though again it's slightly under budget.
Both good choices for those styles. Also, you could hunt for a used AC30, they pop up in your price range from time to time.
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I'd say get the Laney VC30
Great amps!
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Thanks guys

i was thinking, would a tiny terror suit me if i found a cab.

it looks like i can go up to £500.

My personal reccomendation is a Marshall DSL401. It's basically to Marshall what the Hot Rod Deluxe is to Fender; a reasonably priced 40 watt combo with all the characteristics associated with the badge on the front in abundance. Really good amp, I think it'd be perfect.