Howdy, i wanna know bout the line up for this year!! i really wanna get a ticket, but they selll out soo fast... i was lucky and got my ticket the day after, i want a good line-up...

i really want: Limp Bizkit and the Prodigy. .

id love it if slipknot went and made up for last year... really sucked they didnt play last year
Everyone knows Leeds is where it's at! lol
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yeha i seen download... its just im still at work for them days, and i dont have any days i could book off for it ... sucks tbh lol :P just really hoping reading will be good this year!
I hear Radiohead, ACDC, Arctic Monkeys and Kings of Leon are strong rumours (sounds better than last year at least)

Yea i heard Slipknot are probably going to do it seeing as they pulled out last year, not that that excites me all that much but meh!

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I'm not going this year. The line up is appalling and the last couple of years the campsites havn't been that fun.

Glastonbury is the place to be.
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Everyone knows Leeds is where it's at! lol

Indeed good sir.

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Reading wont be half as good this year unless they get Blink 182. Download had a pretty rubbish year last year in comparison with Reading getting the likes of Metallica and Rage Against the Machine as headlines. This year Download will be much better and already is with Slipknot, Trivium etc confirmed
Aye Leeds is where it's at. Muse are very doubtful in my eyes as they are only in the beginnings of working on new material. Blink 182 and Radiohead would be superb if they get em. Radiohead are the only band to have topped Muse live for me. There has been a good mix for me the past 3 years, hope it's the same this year.
Reading always seems to have an okayish line up.
Download this year on the other hand, ew.
downloads line-up this year is incredible!!.. i doubt reading will have many good heavier bands this year as download seem to have them all
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I'm not going this year. The line up is appalling and the last couple of years the campsites havn't been that fun.

Glastonbury is the place to be.

I'm going to partially agree, since The Boss is headlining the Saturday.

But Download is so much fun.
I'd hazard a guess that Coheed will be rocking up at either reading or leeds as they're releasing their 5th album around that time and they've said that there coming to england in the summer so it all adds up.
i've been to leeds for the past 2 years

if they can get arctic monkeys and radiohead i will be chuffed

also strong rumours: kings of leon (i think they're almost confirmed), ac/dc
less strong rumours: blur and strokes?

blink have been pretty much denied as far as i gather
A little birdie tells me AC/DC, Green Day and Kings Of Leon at Leeds.
Sounds alright. Green Day are ****, but I like the other two. Not exactly last year's headliners, but AC/DC!
I'm thinking of stewarding at Leeds as I've spent my festival money this year on Benicassim - Killers, Oasis, Kings Or Leon, Franz Ferdinand, Paul Weller. Pretty good so far.
I dunno what festivals I'm doing yet... The album will probably be done by then, so there'll probably be a couple, but I'm not entirely sure yet.
well limp bizkit, the prodigy AND slipknot are all gonna come to rock am ring and to rock im park in germany
I'm hoping this is good, because I can't go to Download 'cause of exams.

TS: Slipknot, The Prodigy and Limp Bizcuit are all at Download, so they won't be at Reading.
Assuming i can manage to get a ticket (money issues/probably wont be at home when tickets released) i definately want to go.

Kings of Leon/Radiohead/ACDC/Arctic Monkeys/Green Day are biggest line up rumours as far as i know

My hopes for reading:

I'm hoping for blink 182 to play in a top 3 on main stage spot too.

Bloc party best not come back, one of my favourite moments was seeing them in 07, but the crowd was just SO bad in 08, not to mention their new stuff isn't brilliant at all, bad atmosphere etc.

Feeder i'd also want back. They drew an amazing crowd in 08 when you consider pendulum were playing.

Lostprophets have apparently self-confirmed too.

Hopefully if i go this year i wont be horribly ill all the time. Couldn't even drink or party at all last year, it was the best i could do to see the bands i wanted.
Doubtful at Reading.

But they are playing download.
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