I have a dilema. Being relatively new to the guitar I am unsure about my new Fender CD-60. When it arrived the guitar was strung with steel strings. I am under the impression that most are nylon strung to offer a diferent sound to an electric. Would it be acceptable to restring the acoustic with nylon strings? Could anyone suggest any strings for me?
Grateful for any imput
i don't think that you should restring it with nylon strings. there is certain guitars that use nylon strings. you need to buy bronze strings, just go to your guitar store and ask for some acoustic strings.
nylon is usually for classical guitars. keep the strings; when they get old just buy regular acoustic strings.
Technically, you could put on nylon strings. However, they won't sound good and you'll have a hard time putting nylon strings on a steel string guitar. The problem is that nylon strings are extremely low tension compared to steel strings. Steel string guitars are built to use the higher tension. Nylon strings won't work well because the bracing on a steel string guitar is very thick compared to nylon stringed guitars. They just don't have enough energy to drive the soundboard.

It's like trying to run a set of 300ohm(extremely high resistance) straight out of a laptop(low output energy). Yes, it'll work. It won't sound anywhere near it's best though.
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I have only been playing about two weeks. Does the gauge of the string make a BIG difference in the difficulty of playing?
Actually it does. When I switched from medium guage strings to light guage strings, everything became immediately easier. If you want string recommendations, follow the link HERE
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