can guitar hero 3 help a guitar player for stamina? Ive noticed that when playing a bunch of song (2-3) my fingers wormed up and i didnt needed to warm up with scale.

what will you say
When you play on hard and expert is does help improve your coordination and help you to acquire finger strength. That is perhaps one of the primary motives I had when I played it with friends. Hell, I would play that Dragonforce song on Expert just because it was so fast. I really noticed improvement in my regular guitar playing, in terms of stamina, dexterity, and speed. Its strange.
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Stamina? No way has guitar hero improved my stamina. It takes more effort to play through a song on a real guitar so how would playing the game improve it? Unless you sucked at guitar beforehand I really don't see how the game can make you any better.
Maybe it helps a bit on fingering, but I'm kinda sure it helps at your rythm-feeling.
I would play guitar hero alot before I actually started to play guitar. After awhile of playing guitar, I started to play GH again. I moved on up to hard and tried all the Hardest songs I could find. I found that (and along with an occasional finger excersize) actually increased my quickness and stamina

So... I guess so

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Well it might depend how weird you play, but as i have rock band and guitar hero 3 for my 360, ive noticed that after playing like an addict for about a month, my fingers have become a little faster, though my picking isnt that good poorly...
if it helps stamina i cant really tell you, but i didnt really feel any changes in that because before my hand would feel tired it would more likey hurt or turn numb ...
i haven't played the game so i'm not sure if my opinion counts for much but... i doubt it. i think that bending and manipulating the strings as well as pressing down hard is what requires stamina, not hitting buttons. people have always been able to play computer games for hours on end.
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