Ok before ya read this is long....and wont make much sense.
Just a heads up.

There are a few key people in this:

Im dating claire.
Dee is dating Emma
Danny is dating Rachel

Dee previously dated claire couple years back.
Danny had a thing with her a couple years back.

Emma is a cow and no-one likes her.....she has her moments when she is ok and barely and can talk to....majority time everyone hates her.
Rachel will talk behind Emmas back all the time and make fun of her.and will say she will say it to her face....but never does.
Dee acts all big infront of Emma and is just generaly a moran when with her.
Danny is a sound guy and can get on well with.

None of them like claire....bar danny who i think doesnt mind her.
Rachel doesnt like her cause she had a thing with danny YEARS ago...and i mean atleast 5years ago!!!
Rachel is jealous of this.But yet when it comes to her past relationships she is more than happy to talk about them. Just wont let danny. Claire was speaking to danny about times they shared. (something i dont see wrong) but rachel has a go at me because of it.

Dee and emma just make fun of her behind her back and say it to me.

Im generaly a push over and let things slide.
But im getting to the point where im about to lost it. I had a massive agruement with dee and rachel this morning.

Now i have a bit of information on each of them all.

Dee will txt his previous girlfriend(who is called emma aswell) and another girl called wheels. He also txtd claire(before i was dating her) and rachel(dannys girl)
Asking them all for sex.....Emma(his current) saw the txts and he told her he was joking around. She a stupid cow for believing him.
Also dee apparently has a small dick(which matches his ego and personilty...always trying to act tough and big to make up for the fact he got a pinner) last but not less he couldnt get it up for claire when they was dating....lol rage much
The txts would then start a agruement with dee and emma

Rachel will talk behind anyones back....the amount of things she has said about emma(dees current gf) would get her in **** with emma.

Danny as i said....is a good guy, i wouldnt cross him as he hasnt had much involement in this.But he doesnt trust rachel,which he told me, he only goes out (down town) with her to make sure she doesnt cheat.

None as i said...im getting to the point where im getting fed up and considering telling them all this.
Because they are maken me choice between being happy or being there for them so they can pick up laugh at...make themselfs look better and feel good.

So i ask you pit....what do i do.
Do i unleash hell???
Funny story. Where did you find it?
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I just skipped to the last sentence, unleash hell sounds good man.

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I feel like it is an algebra question..

If clare likes dee, and chris likes clare, then who likes chris?
Who gives a ****?
Jeremy Kyle does so speak to him
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I feel like it is an algebra question..

If clare likes dee, and chris likes clare, then who likes chris?

That's what I was thinking!

If clair like dee, but only on tuesday, and whatever Chris says is false, and whatever the prince of Norway says is true, what time does the 3:44 train in Tokio, Japan leave?