So, i bought a good acoustic ( Yamaha LL6x) , but , as a ex-electric player, all my rig is for my Epi.

So the question is: whats the best way to amplify my acoustic?
I know that she cames with a Piezo PickUp, but ive heard that the sound isnt actually really good, so i was thinking of installing a pickup, so i could a) use with my electric gear, which includes an Valvetronix ad15vt and a M audio Blackbox (great for recording with my pc) and b ) have a versatile tone like John Butler .

well, the best way to amplify it is with a specific acousitc amplifier, the acousitc will never sound as good through an electric amp than an acoustic amp. Then you can go about changing the pickups for it (i have no knowledge of acoustic pickups so cant help you there)
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If you have the $800+ then get the Fishman Loudbox Perfmormer. Probably one of the best acoustic amps ever made, great tweeter setup, has a few built in effects. can get pretty loud for an acoustic amp. If you dont need anything that big then get the smaller version of the Performer. They are pricey, but ya get what you pay for.

On the other hand if you buy yourself a PA system (many of which are cheaper than the Loudbox Performer) then that will work as well. Get a powered mixer or a seperate power amp for it (acoustics break up and lose sooo much tone on non-powered mixers). Just shop around for those since I dont know what the best deals on those are right now I just know its a cheaper route than the Performer.