Hey everyone! Over the weekend I picked up a Vox Ac30 and I'm love with it. Still playing around with all the different sounds I can get out of it though. Now that I have the amp, I think its time to start looking towards some nice pedals.

I mainly play classic rock and some 90's style. Zep, Boston, U2, Foo Fighters, RATM etc.

Heres a list of pedals I've been looking into. I just wanted some opinions on the setup or if there were any others I should look into adding or taking away.

Boss DD-3/ MXR CC

Boss SuperShifter/ DigiTech Whammy/ Digitech Harmony Man

MXR Phase 90

Boss DS-1/ Boss DS-2/Bad Monkey

Thanks in advance for any help, opinions or suggestions!
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I have the ds1 it's ok. It's nice for the light to mid gain. Also the dd3 is sweet.

I'd go to a store and try the pedals your looking at through your amp as the same amp modles will sound slightly different.
-carbon copy = amazing pedal, never tried the dd-3
-if you're playing rage stuff, the whammy is almost a must
-phase 90's sound great, and it think it's the only phaser i'll ever use
-the bad monkey is a great little overdrive pedal, no idea about the boss's
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Yeah the Whammy is a must for rage. also a wah would be good too. the crybaby is the most well known but dont automatically buy it try out stuff. also get a nice FUZZ pedal like a Dunlop Fuzz Face. I just got one and its a good fuzz. I agree on the carbon copy too. also look for an EQ pedal.
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Get the whammy for sure...and the phase 90 is a good pedal too. Both are permanent on my board