Yeah, hi guys,
don't know what I should buy to improve my setup. At the moment I've got a Hamer SATP90, a Roland Micro Cube and an old no-name acoustic guitar. Because I want to improve equipment wise I don't know what to buy to have an improved setup. I thought of a second electric guitar, a new amplifier (to play in the band I'm going to found with two friends) or a new acoustic guitar. Limit would be around 400$. If it's a new and big amp I definetly would spend some more money. We are going to play just classic rock and rythm'n' blues in our band. I also play some more pop music like Beatles (which isn't rock in fact). Hope you can help me.
I would focus on geting a new amp first. A small tube amp should work well with that type of music. You don't need a lot of wattage.
i would say look out for a fender hot rod deluxe (used amp) and then maybe a pedal to give a bit of crunch
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then a fender amp would be the way to go, they have great tones for blues and enough crunch for everything from classic rock to AC/DC style hard rock
i have a old 165watt ultimate chorus amp and i love the crunch it gets, but i hear they're new stuff is really good
So what can you tell me about the Kustom Defender or the Peavey Valve King 112? They seem very nice and fitting for my purpose. They are also not so expensive. Can anyone of you recommend me one of the for classic rock?
Cant say much about the kustom but the VK should be great for what you play check around youtube for soundclips, the tone of the vk is generally love or hate
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