Im a 15 year old guitar player, I've been playing for 5 years. I have an Epiphone LP-100 running through their standard tube amp. For my birthday, I decided I wanted to finally get a pedal, however, I have no clue how to approach this. I narrowed it down to either a wah pedal or a distortion pedal, but I don't know which one is a better buy or is more valuable, and I know nothing about brands or quality.

What pedal should I get? (Budget is $100 at most)
Suggestions and comments are appreciated.

Thank you.
what amp do you have? the valve junior?
if you do, and you can crank it to get some OD, you probably won't need a distortion (unless you want more gain)

for a wah (if you want that...you gotta decide, though!) check the ultimate wah thread!


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check the ultimate wah thread, but only get one if your gonna be using it
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What type of music will you be playing?
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jim dunlop crybaby 95 wah

i got mine used for 60 euros and it's ****ing amazing. for the price ofcourse.. belive me you wont be sory.
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if you're going for a distortion pedal, we need to know your style... that'd help a lot with which distortion to get. also for the wah. some wahs are better for high gain or for classic stuff.
hendriko, yes, it is the valve junior that comes with the starter pack for the LP-100

im going to be playing a lot of punk, metal, just basic power and barre chord progressions, but im not getting the sound I want out of my amp. My guitar teacher told me that a distortion pedal is good for the sound I want, but he said a wah pedal is also a really cool thing to have.

what are some good distortion pedals and wah pedals for a beginner?
^well then get a distortion pedal!
look into boss, since youre on a budget, and, well i'm sure someone else could give you some better/more precise recommendations.

For the wah, like said - check the ultimate wah thread.


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First off, true awesome distortion/gain should come from your amp. You can try pedals, but eventually you're gonna want a better amp.

But if you've made up your mind, look into some boss dist pedals or a line 6 pod. For wah, you're just gonna have to try some pedals out for yourself until you find one that's right for you. (Vox, Dunlop, Morley)
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why not go for multi effects? ther are quite a few within your budget zoom, didgitec. The G1X has a wah wah built in or the g2x (not a real differance between the 2) You can get one of these for about £70> im 14 and i got a g1 with a seperate pedal. There ok for a first pedal the effects are adjustable but some things coul be better like tremelo isnt very adjustable along with the comp/fx which could be improved upon. Im saving up for a Boss ME-50 at the moment because i would like to have a more versitile paedal but i have been using my g1 for around 3 years now and its still goin strong.
alot of the digitech FX are very good quality. i have my DDM, which is suprisingly good at light and heavy distortion

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Anyone else wondering what LP-100 starter pack comes with a Valve Junior? I think ts is a little confused on the term "tube amp."
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I think that they did have a combo pack with a Vjr Combo for a short period. Don't know if that is he's got though.

I have the Vjr Combo and it needs more than just any pedal to sound decent. I'd recommend a multifx. The combo needs some serious EQing. It takes a lot of work but you can shape the tone a lot with a decent multifx.
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Anyone else wondering what LP-100 starter pack comes with a Valve Junior? I think ts is a little confused on the term "tube amp."

This One. http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Epiphone-Les-Paul100-HiPerformance-Pack-with-Valve-Junior-Amp?sku=514492

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a Boss DS-1(distortion) or a Boss SD-1(overdrive) would make a great first pedal

wah wise, the standard Dunlop Crybaby or the Vox V847A would be a good choice for you
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If you want distortion, you can't go wrong with one of the Boss, DigiTech, or Big Muff distortions, try them out at a local store and see what you like best, you can get some really quality distortions for <$100.
you could get a boss ds-1 and a dunlop crybaby for $110, i know you said $100...
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I reckon a BOSS DS-1 and the Crybaby with the adjustable Q (GCB 95?) would be good on a budget.
Well since you have a valve junior with no built in equalization, why not go for a cheaper EQ pedal? This will probably let you shape your sound to suit your style. Or get an overdrive pedal - this will work great for boosting your amp and making it sound tighter. A wah is fun, but in most cases it doesn't really affect your raw sound, and an overdrive will probably work better with your amp than a distortion.
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i'd either get a boss mega distortion or a multifx

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G1X from Zoom would be a good choice on a budget but I think the wah on those are a bit too thin.
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