I have 100 dollars to spend, thats all. I do have paypal, please post before PM. If you do not have an offer, please do not post.

I have a set, but I'd have to ask a bit more than 100, their $105 a piece new.
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$208.99 for the ZW set of 81/85
$173.99 for SD AHB-1
$240.99 for 81/85 with 20db gain booster switch kerry king edition
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Tuners - Sperzel locking 59.99/59.99
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the plan. take a 20 dollar guitar and make it sound decent

I dont have a 81/85 set but i have 2 EMG 81s including easy clip wires, 2x battery clips and a dpdt 3 pole switch. This is for to have the option of 9 or 18v.
135 shipped and paypal