I have always found that palm muting downstroke has been a weakness of mine. I can do it but it is a technique i need to improve on. I play pop punk such as Blink, Green Day, Offspring etc.. So do you guys know any good practice methods that i could do regulary to help improve my technique and pace of palm muting? I have a les paul standard that i use all the time so might this guitar be more difficult to palm mute than other guitars. Because i do have a squier strat which was my first guitar, so would it be easier to practice on there rather than the les paul?

Guitars have nothing to do with it.

Practice some metal. Learn Master of Puppets by Metallica.. it's 8 minutes of downpicking.
lol yeah I think everyone gets good at down picking from playing MoP
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wait... your having trouble with downstroke PM.. upstroke is fine then!?

im confused.
anyway, just practice.. play lots of blink, that way you'll get that pm sound good.

by the way.. the guitar doesnt matter, as long as the whammy bar / knobs dont come in the way.
for example i've owned a ibanez and i was ok with pm.
then i got a strat and there was this volume knob in the way and it pissed me off, really

anyways.. just practice :
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its not the guitar.
Just practise, first of all just play a muted downpick on an E powerchord and move you muting hand around slpwly till you find the best sounding palm mute. Then just keep your hand in the position and play it for five mins. do this everyday and you will soon just remember it as if you always knew how to do it! recall people.
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crit4crit on 'acoustic 1 (with piano)' here

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lol yeah I think everyone gets good at down picking from playing MoP

Um I alternate pick it o.O

Maybe its just cuz I love Alt Picking :P

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Um I alternate pick it o.O

Same here.
Downpicking the whole thing is just stupid, IMO.
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Haha, I love Master of Puppets, Who has the solo down in it? Luckily for me, MoP was like the third song I learned, and all I was into at the time Was Metallica.

Your floting bridge is a real advantage to Palm muting. On MoP Kirk says to place the right side/edge of your hand right before your bridge so it becomes muted as to not totally dampen it, but to mute it. Buy the Metallica issue of Guitar Legends magazine by Guitar World. There is a great lesson in there, made by Kirk himself, telling you the best ways to downpick and how to reuse old scales and make them new. A bunch of good stuff, I didn't get through the whole lesson yet, but I'm reading it in about 19 minutes.
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Same here.
Downpicking the whole thing is just stupid, IMO.

You'll never get the heavy Metallica MoP sound with alternate picking, plus, If I was watching you, I'd point it out and call you a dumbass.
Dude why waste soo much energy doing all downpicks. I can chug just as well alting as I can with straight downs.


and the 0-1-2, 0-1-3, 0-1-4, 0-1-3, 0-1-2 part is SOOO much easier with alternate picking

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