I have one of these for sale. It's used with the Valvetronix amps. The input connector is broken on this. I contacted Vox support, and they told me it can be ordered from most music shops like Guitar Center.

I found out the replacement part will cost around $70.

Here is a link to a thread on another site with pictures of the connector, http://www.valvetronix.net/forums/vc...cks-t2321.html.

Here is the email from Vox support:

"The part number for board number KLM-2458’s replacement is 001245800. This replacement covers circuits KLM-2458, 2459, 2460, and 2461 as these circuits are not available in individual replacement parts. You may purchase this or any other current Vox parts through any one of the authorized Vox dealers listed online at http://www.voxamplification.us. If a dealer does not already have the parts you need in stock, you may simply have that dealer place a special order for you. If you or your dealer require assistance with other part numbers, we recommend contacting Korg USA Customer Service at 631-390-6800, Mondays-Thursdays 9am-6pm or Fridays 10am-5pm Eastern."

Peavey 4x12MS cab - unloaded - $90