hello i ' m new here and dont know so much about guitars.
my friend sell his guitar :
electric guitar .

he wants 200$ ,should i buy this one?or is there any guitar that you can suggest me please share with me.

thanks everyone..
If it's actually American made then yes, that's an obscenely good deal. If it's Mexican made it's still a good deal. However, if says "Squier" on the headstock, I'd advise you to stay away and spend your $200 on something better.
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Are you sure it's a made in America Stratocaster, if so, that's a great deal. Do you have any more information or pictures?
it might be a squire for that price, but if it is an american strat, that's a ridiculous price for it.
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Get pictures, I bet its a Squier.
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i think it might actually be a Mexican made strat. so a good deal, if he's a friend of yours, he wouldn't sell a 100 dollar squier at 200...
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We need moar pictures please.

If it says Fender on the headstock, regardless if it's MIM/MIA, then definitely grab it.

If it's Squier, I'd leave it alone.

$200 for an MIA Strat sounds fishy...