Hey guys and girls.

Well i have been playing guitar for about a year now and i have been learning at a modarate pace.

At the moment im suck because all im doing is learning little riffs from songs and i dont seem to be getting anywhere at all. i really want to be able to learn new things instead of just learning little bits from songs all time because that makes me seem like i am going nowhere.

well i know most of my chords and a few scales and im up to been able to play songs like ride the lightning and no remorse.

I was just wondering if anyone here could actauly give me some tips on what to practise and why because i feel like im going nowhere learning simple short parts of songs.

Ok thanks alot people.
Practice technique... sweep picking... tapping... legato... every technique... and make sure u can play everything without distortion... cause then u can hear mistakes.. and work on them... then start learning harder songs... learn some phrasing also... and after another year or so u can make your own songs...
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Ummm, maybe the next logical step would be to learn a whole song?
Or am i missing somthing?

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Use a metronome to challenge yourself and improve speed, then try writing some riffs and solos.
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Thanks for the replys guys.

I will prob try learning a full song now.

Is there any good metal songs say the same skill required as RtL or No remorse or something like that because alot of metal songs i come to some parts are easy and some are way 2 hard for me to play

Ok cheers
Try some Lamb of God; "Laid to Rest," isn't too hard.
Or most Metallica isn't to hard, other than the solos. Try "Seek and Destroy" or "Enter Sandman".
If you don't have any music in your background, I recommend strongly that you at least get some basic lessons. Use a metronome, and play at a slow enough tempo that you can hit every note accurately and confidently. Build up speed over time, and don't focus too much on playing things up to speed right away. Make sure you're alternate picking and not building up tension in your wrist... **** like that. Good luck!
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Learn your theory. C-C-C-Combo breaker!
Seriously though, learn it. And learn how to play at least 2 or 3 songs the whole way through.
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