Is the Blues Driver more of an overdrive or distortion pedal?

It's listed as an overdrive, but from what I've heard and how people describe it, it sounds more like distortion. What are your thoughts?
Depends how much you crank the gain/volume on it, but in my experience it really causes more distortion than anything; this is true of mine, but not my band's other guitarist's Keeley modded version.

If you're looking for overdrive or distortion, either one, I should mention that there are better alternatives for both, especially if you want an overdrive that doesn't have to be described as "blusey" no matter where its knobs are.

Some people swear by theirs, I just don't like it.
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It's both, really.

I like it, but I like the Digitech Screamin Blues better for that sort of thing. The BD-2 has a bit too much gain, if you ask me, and not enough tone shaping flexibility.
yeah the Blues Driver, like the Digitech Screamin' Blues is a overdrive/distortion pedal. Now I have tried both and I bought the Digitech over the Boss but its your decision.
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