I'm not for sure if this belongs here or not, but whatever. Ok, I have a friend, and I'm teaching them how to play guitar, she really likes Megadeth, and Metallica, but she's not very good yet, but she wanted an easy song with no solos that still rocks, any Metallica or Megadeth songs that are like that???
Master of Puppets and A Tout Le Monde.
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Symphony is quite easy if you don't count the solo.
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MOP... too hard?... i find it one of the easier 'tallica songs.

try fade to black... or maybe even fuel. That's pretty easy and quite fun.

to down-pick it and get it right, very hard for a beginner.

SGEDIT: yeah she-wolf is a great one for a beginner, have her learn that.
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how abuot one? That was my first solo, the opening one.And its pretty easy if you can play power chords and hammer on and pull off.