I need a delay with tap tempo and also am wanting a looper for practice. I don't need a long delay time, the ability to store settings, and don't want something to take up too much space on pedalboard so am looking at compact delays. I want good modulated and/or analog delays to use for lead stuff, want a good digital delay with tap tempo to use for certain songs, and want the looper just to practice riffs. I would not be using the looper while playing. Pretty much got it narrowed down to the Digitech Hardwire DL-8 or the Boss DD-7. Any opinions between the two? I'm probably going to buy today and am leaning towards the DL-8 ->

Hardwire DL-8:
20 second stereo looper
Supposedly better delays than the Boss according to reviews
More delay types than the Boss
Supposedly true bypass
Knobs have detents making it harder to perfectly dial in settings
Tap tempo takes 1 second longer to engage than DD-7 and have to use stomp pedal, no jack for external control

Boss DD-7:
40 second mono/20 second stereo looper (twice as long as DL-8, but how long is needed to practice a riff over a chord progression?)
Has jack for external tap tempo switch or expression pedal
buffered signal
Would cost a little more than the DL-8 if I get an external footswitch

If the DL-8 had a jack for an external footswitch and a longer loop time the decision would already be made.
Quote by Griever988
I went with the DL-8 and so far I have no complaints. And how is having detents harder to dial in a setting?

By that I meant that the detents lock you into specific repeats and times, even if there are a bunch of them. With smooth pots there are theoretically more settings available because the dial doesn't "stop" anywhere. I didn't think about that the detents would make it easier to remember or keep settings but can see how that would be good.

The tap tempo and looper are my biggest questions with the DL-8 ... is the tap tempo usable in a stage setting? I think 20 seconds of looper is probably enough for practicing riffs. Thanks