What's up folks? Guitarist here just joining up to troll posts and give advice/receive advice from time to time!

A little about me.... I have been playing for 17 years, mostly hard rock/metal but I have influences ranging from blues/southern rock/jazz etc etc. Have owned anything from Fender/Gibson/ESP/Ibanez/Schecter etc etc and I currently play for a regionally touring hard rock band by the name of Decadence. We play all originals and fit the genre of hard rock/mainstream rock. Go check us out at http://www.myspace.com/decadencehardrock

Thanks! My gear is listed in my signature. I'm looking forward to BSin and getting to know you guys!
-Guitarist of Decadence-
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Schecter C-1 Hellraiser
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cool, its always good to have a professional/ semi-professional musician with lots of experience on here.
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crit4crit on 'acoustic 1 (with piano)' here

Rate my playing skills please.
I haven't even been playing for 3 years. I registered to this site a few months ago. I've had comments about my playing from other experienced players and they say I have advanced very well in a short time with my turbo picking and taps. I'm wondering if that's good or bad because I've heard people talk about the lack of discipline in some guitar players nowadays. Any advice/comments?
welcome to ug. feel free to post your intro again here

enjoy your stay man
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