How many of you guys play em? I play hard rock/metal and my band tunes to drop B.... The probably with considering a Carvin for me is that there is NO WHERE for me to go pick on up and play it! I love the look of a single cut, but Gibsons just aren't for me. I also LOVE the PRS SC250, but they are PRICEY AS HELL! So it seems as if the CS6 is a good compromise for me.... So, if you guys happen to own one, spill the beans, post pics if you have some... I'm looking for some different finishes and such... I'm loving the idea of transparent black over a high grade quilt with Nickle hardware (black chrome if at all possible) I love a dark dark dark guitar!

Thanks everyone!

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The slightly short scale of Carvins (25'') might hinder the ability of low ass tuning of drop B haha, but they are amazing guitars. Was it not for the 10 day trial I wouldn't have bought mine. Theres always that possibility of returning it if you dont like it... although you have to wait 2 months for it the be built/shipped.
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