hey I wanna buy a new bass amp. The two options for my price range are the laney rb7 and the behringer bxl3000. I was leaning towards the rb7 side but the guy at the store says the behringer is way better and its $200 less. So what are your thoughts?
The odds are that the guy at the store is lying.

Behringer products have a very bad reputation on this forum (Except for their PA and DJ stuff, that's OK). They overstate the wattage their amps have (they rate by peak output, not RMS, which is a more accurate representation), they tend to break earlier, and the features they include with their amps don't sound great. My experience is with a guitar amp, not a bass amp, but it was really not good quality.

In the end, you get what you pay for - the Behringer will be worth at least $200 less than the Laney. At least.
If you want to ge the behringer, go and try all the ones they have out, as behringer generally only have a good one once in a blue moon. The safer choice is the laney though.
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No, the Behringer is not way better. It's got half the wattage, because Behringer quoted the Peak wattage of their amps, rather than RMS like everyone else. It's got very shoddy build quality, has the sound quality of a giant cellphone speaker, and has some thoroughly useless features on it.

The Laney, on the other hand, has a nice design, more wattage, the ability to add more speakers(a very big plus), better features, and much better build and sound quality.

There's a reason Behringers are so cheap.
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The Laney. Behringers are the pure essence of evil, filtered through the minds of evil corporate bosses, turned into the epitome of darkness. The Laney.

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Thanks for the advice guys. I have a 15 watt behringer guitar amp. That was pretty good. but would have preferred the laney as they have a better reputation.