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When you type on your computer keyboard what numbers do you use most, the ones by the top or to the right?
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its called pure awesome

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Top since i only have laptops.
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I'll mostly use the number pad but since for some sites it doesn't work then i'll use the top.
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num pad... I specifically got a Laptop with it
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So it is written.
well i use a laptop, so id have to hit num lock to use the side numbers, so i use the top.

i mostly use the top when i use a normal keyboard too.
laptop keyboards FTW, no choice. Top it is.
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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right, because top recuires the use of other buttons wich is to much effort for my lazy ass


Top. You make some weird-ass threads. And some weird ass-threads.

You make some weird thongs.


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wait a minute.... im on a laptop and i have both sets of numbers, exactly like a pc keyboard.
I chose top
I've always thought that the numpad is on the wrong side of the keyboard for right-handed people. Do lefties out there find it easier, I wonder?
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numpad when doing calculations and whatnot, top when typing in forums and stuff.

BTW i do have a laptop, but since touch typing is a major pain in the ass I almost always hook up a regular keyboard to it when I use it.
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Top, but right is quicker if you are an Excel nerd or whatever and you have SKILLZ.