Okay, so I've been making a guitar with my uncle thats a luthier, its a Rhoads style V made of mahogany with a sweet maple neck and a great fretboard and all that, so its pretty much done, and I need to start getting some pickups for it, so I'm asking for three kinds of pickups.

A humbucker for the neck position, I want one that can give me smooth, sweet clean tones.
A single coil in the middle position, for soloing when I don't want the gain of the bridge pup.
A metal humbucker for the bridge position, a nice hot one that'll distort nicely with plenty of balls.

BTW, I play I typically EQ like this... Bass: 5 - Mids: 9 - Treble: 4, so I don't want an overally trebly or bassy pickup, and nothing made for mid scooping, that is an abomination of EQ...

I've got a budget of 200$ or so for all of them.
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It doesn't work that way really - you need to just look at the instrument as a whole. You want the to think of getting the guitar to be able produce those sounds once the pickups are installed, not the pickups themselves.

I'd say Duncan Custom in the bridge, 59 in the neck and i'm not great with singles so somebody else can suggest one lol.
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You could buy a set of Blackouts or EMG's and a SD single-coil , like a P90 or something.
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You could buy a set of Blackouts or EMG's and a SD single-coil , like a P90 or something.

wouldn't active pups have a lot more volume than passive pups and therefore wouldn't work well together?

that's what i thought, but i an not that sure...
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