hey guys I'm recently getting in to pun and I need to know what bands are punk and which ones are not. if you can recommend any post it
here are some that I need to be clarified (punk, not punk, used to be punk, ska...etc.)

the offspring
green day

thanks guys
Rancid and the Descendents. I guess the Descendents are pop punk, but they're close enough.

Check out Flipper, Black Flag, the Dead Kennedys, and Crass (the only punk bands I really listen to anymore, not counting post punk. That's a different story altogether.). There's a rec thread stickied at the top of the forum.
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if any one else is questioning punk bands write them down and we'll see what people think
I would say Milo Goes To College is hardcore, or at least heavily influenced by hardcore. From what I've heard, their later stuff is definitely pop-punk.

Anyway, I would say some good bands to check out are:
The Ergs!
Screeching Weasel
The Queers
Operation Ivy
(early) Black Flag - check out First Four Years or Damaged
Dead Kennedys
Hüsker Dü
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Skate Punk
some say Hardcore, some say Pop-Punk
Ska/Punk...and apparently some say Street Punk?

If you like NOFX you'll like The Burning Heads...but good luck finding their music in North America.

I wouldn't say NOFX are skate punk, they are def. pop-punk. Skate Punk is, in itself, a stupid genre title, and I fully don't understand how something could be skate punk, that being said, skate punk is like JFA.

the rest I agree on, Rancid ain't really street punk, but I can see where they could be...I say Ska/Pop Punk/Street Punk

Descendents I heard are more melodic-Hardcore then turned into straight up Pop Punk
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Rancid are the best punk band ever.

Tim Armstrong is a songwriting genius, is a complete fashion diva and has an incredible singing voice.

He doesn't sound like Opie from family guy at all.
sorry i just wanted to know what people think its not all that important but it helps in band decisions.
Go to the reccomendations thread at the top of the page.

No bands are punk. Punk is a myth perpetuated by the CIA.