First a little background. I'm a second semester freshman at a state university majoring in sound recording technology. I'm having a blast, I've met some of my best friends here and it's all been a real "experience" but at the same time, the whole time I've been here, I feel like college is just the next leg up from high school in the system to **** you over.

They **** you over financially, because I don't use half the programs I have to pay for included in my tuition bill, and will NEVER use half the classes I have to take in order to graduate by the time I'm done here.

They **** you over educationally. I still feel like I'm in high school in that I do a lot less work than my peers and succeed more easily, and yet there's no way for me to test out of certain classes or w/e. I feel like if I really wanted to, I could have taught myself all I needed to know about sound engineering by this point, and been interning, but that's not how it works.

So essentially every day deep down I feel depressed that I'm wasting thousands of dollars and infinite amounts of time just so that in 4 years I'll get a piece of paper that might get me a job. Or I might need a better piece of paper after that to even get a decent paying job in today's economy.

I just wish there was another way. I feel trapped. I feel like if I'm not in college I'd just automatically be labeled unsuccessful by family friends and myself, and yet I feel unsuccessful here.

Maybe someone who can relate to my situation or has some advice could post it here? Thanks.
maybe you should have gone to a tech school rather than a state school? thats what im doing this coming fall, and ill be paying a substantially LESSER amount for basically the same major than i would at the big-time university here.
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Sadly from now on whenever I hear about this whole system deal, I just think of an asian kid yelling **** THE SYSTEM!

By the way, I went to Purdue. I left because of your exact same reasons, and I am switching to a more artsy school that is only 2 years and is a combined same cost as one year of tuition at Purdue.

Large Universitys suck unless you are a lawyer or nuclear science major.
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Dude, I'm a junior and know EXACTLY what you mean. Unfortunately I haven't found the answer you're looking for and am just puttering my way through school, but if it helps, you definitely aren't the only one bro. Something's bound to give.
so double major in a real subject. that should challenge you, if thats what you want.
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you pretty much nailed it my friend

just make it worth your while.
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I know how you feel.

Don't worry, I think people are starting to wise up. At least around here.
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I'm still in High School but I know exactly how you feel. Its like you have to go through normal schooling to earn the "privilege" to pay to go to college to get a degree that gives you the right to work in a certains field. It's kind of ****ed up
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"University education"? Ha, you kids and your crazy get-rich schemes!

haha i love Kensai and his smartass remarks
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I know how you feel, I havn't finished high school, and I really think this is leading me nowhere
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Yup thats how it works and if you want a good job your gonna have to stick with it.

In sociology we learn about the "hidden curriculum" of school in which school is teaching you that you have to do what you are told by certain people and do boring tasks you do not want to do.
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Yup thats how it works and if you want a good job your gonna have to stick with it.

In sociology we learn about the "hidden curriculum" of school in which school is teaching you that you have to do what you are told by certain people and do boring tasks you do not want to do.

That's pretty interesting. I guess it makes sense. Thanks for all the replies, at least I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. It really does make sense though because assuming I even get a good job doing what I want after school I'm still going to be at somebody else's command, and I'll still have to do things I don't want.

Still it sickens me that I have to go to an aural skills and music theory class every day, teaching **** I knew probably three years ago. I mean it's the second semester of aural skills and we're just now identifying major, minor, diminished, and augmented triads by ear, wtf!
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I feel the same way man...

I'm actually considering going to SAE Nashville, but it's a trade school and is $18k plus an apartment and living expenses...I walk away with quite a bit of training and a small home studio, but it's still almost $20k.

I'm on the fence, though...I might be able to do more with that money if I just went and got an internship with a studio and used the dough to...you know...live, and all that.

My current college is about $10k a year, and m program would get me a degree that would allow me to be almost a mechanical engineer, but not quite. They didn't tell me that when I signed up.
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