I posted last week a song of mine dating back to 2000 for which i have both the original version and a later re-working. This is the later version.

The lyrics are a direct paraphrase of the first part of Ecclesiastes 12 which paints a metaphor of old age and encourages us to seek God while we are still young and have the energy and interest.

Both are given here and you can choose between them.

Original version

Alternate re-working

Remember now your creator
In days of your youth
Before the evil years draw in and surround you
And quench desire for the truth

Before the sun, the moon and all the stars are darkened
And the clouds return again after the rain
For in that day the watchmen tremble,
Mighty men grow weak
The windows all have been darkened
And the doors in every street
Have all been shut

Remember Him before the silver cord is broken
And the golden bowl lies crushed beneath it’s weight
The pitcher by the well has cracked
The wheel no longer turns
The dust returns into the earth
The spirit unto God
From whence it came

I'll say something that I forgot to mention before, just because this deserves more views:

I thought the imagery in the last stanza strayed a little far from the idea of old age, even though it is biblical-ish.