well basicly it's a punk/rock song about a friend of mine who... oh well just read it.

Every time
he goes out
he brings some booze
to get girls drunk

we all know
what the booze is for
he's only
looking to score

He wears
baggy clothes
he'd do anything
to impress folks

guys like him
end up bad
the story is good
but the ending is sad

He's faking it
all the time
He makes them
drink beer and wine
you shoud Just watch him
and stand aside
as he Fakes it
he crossed the line

pretty simple.. infact it was my first ever song, so...
however i would like you to comment mine and i'll comment yours (leave link).
i havent put much effort in this one, i just said what needed to be said. :P

oh and yeah it can be heard here. www.myspace.com/karkoli

edit: i fixed the title, i am sorry, but i seem to have missed that "no c4c" pharagraph in teh rules. hope it doesnt get closed
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