i know this is actually kinda the wrong forum for this but i want to mod an old keyboard using a gameboy, i know it can be done, ive seen it, i just dont know how to do it. if someone could help me out in any way it would be fantasmical
Yup. Wrong forum. And some of the boys here will probably give you lots a crap for it too.

Anyway... Be more specific. How will the two be working together?
Nope wight forum. this is the Gear Building and customizing.

Not sure if people will know though. Have you tried Google?
well i dont know any electronica forums, and i know that there alot of people here with a pretty good knowledge of ekectronics. i just want to use the soundcard from the gameboy and basically wire it straight in as the soundbank for the keyboard. or do whatever i have to do to use the 8-bit sounds

edit: i do know that gameboys dont actually have soundcards so ill have to wire the whole game boy like a rack to the keyboard, but if you know how to wire any old system in just let me know.
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