I have a Schecter Damien 6 Diamond Series guitar. The output of the guitar is completely cut off when i move the cord just a bit. I know it isnt a problem with me cord because i have tried 3 different cords and the same thing happens with every one of them. I think it has to do with the input jack but i dont want to mess with anything on it just yet. Has anyone had this problem before? Any suggestions please. Should i just take it down to the local guitar shop?

Your wires are broken or frayed in your input jack. The could also be damaged around the pickup, I had both when it happened to me, I had a broken input wire and a broken wire that connected to the bridge pickup.. If you aren't good at wiring then I would suggest taking it to a shop and having them fix it. I had mine fixed for $40 when that happened to me.
I'll bet you a hundred thousand dollars one of the wires on your input jack is falling off. Easy fix with a soldering iron. Just make sure you attach it to the right place. You can find wiring diagrams all over the internet, just do a search for "Name of your guitar + wiring diagram".
Open up the jack cavity, take a look to see if there's any obvious disconnections. If there are, solder them back together. Soldering kit will set you back about £10 or $10/15, so it's a great investment tbh.

You don't have to go pro if it's an obvious solution, it's just a waste of cash mate
sounds like a loose wire thats connected to your output jack. if i was you i would fix it fast before it breaks and you can't play anymore.