as the title says i got an older bv120 blue tolex. i took the gold emblem off. tolex could use a cleaning, but no major tears or anything of the sort. $325 plus shipping

burgendy avatar contemporary custom i got from another member here. its loaded with hellatone 60's. got more low end than a recto 212 and prettier IMO. $275 plus shipping.

as far as trades go i'm mostly interested in rack stuff(bbe maximizer,engl530, 3tm ada mp-1, stereo parametric eq, power w/lights,etc) but feel free to make offers.

i know i know. where are the pics right? i'll get some up tonight or tomorrow.
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sorry all i got is my phone cam right now. i'll add more later. the white mark in the BV120 pic is NOT a tear in the tolex. also i have the back for it. i took it off to take pics on the inside.