Hey my friend offered me a crybaby wah for £30, i know this is a fairly good price but ive got 2 questions, how good are they? and could i use it as a control pedal on my zoom g2?

thanks in advance
They aren't great stock...but there are plenty of mods for them. Not sure about using it as a control pedal though...
That is a smokin deal, but to answer your question, it can't be used as a control pedal. You'd need to get an expression pedal for that. Also, I'd recommend buying a new Zakk Wylde wah. Has a thicker, more vocal like quality to the sound
yeah id like to use it as a control, i know it would have to bypass the cyrbabys own effect circuit, but the wahs on the zoom g2 are pretty cool
lol thanks for that, id get the new zakk wylde one if i could but moneys tight atm so this deal seems right lol, plus i but everything from this friend lol, he sold me a ukelele and im getting a banjo form him
If it's the basic GCB-95 don't waste your money. I have one and it's the most disappointing pedal I've ever owned. It's still in a box in the drawer until I give modding it a try.