There is one thing i am unsure about with pedalboards.
I understand which order you should put your pedals in, but when people say for example, " Put the tuner first" does this mean that you should put it coming from the guitar to the tuner or the amp to the tuner ???

If that doesn't make sense then this might:

Does "tuner first" mean

Guitar- tuner-distortion-chorus-amp


Guitar-chorus-distortion-tuner-amp ??????

Please reply!!!!!!
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i wish i could think of a way to explain signal flow - as soon as you understand it, the rest is very self explanatory.
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Think of it logically; if you're feeding your distortion into your chorus pedal (as is proper unless you're interested in wacky tones), then the distorted tone will be seperated and delayed into individual chorus "voices".

On the other hand, if you're driving your chorus into your distortion, then all the chorus "voices" will be distorted post-seperation. This makes for some interesting (and usually unattractive) tones. There are exceptions, of course, depends on your settings, pedals, and of course your preferences.
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I've seen it done both ways with smoking results on either end. But for me, I usually go guitar, tuner, distortion, chorus, amp. but I don't have a chorus or a distortion lol
Hmm... I must be weird. I go guitar, chorus, distortion, tuner, amp, and I get wonderful soft rock/rock tones, nothing awkward or funky. Huh.
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I imagine it as sewing thread, you cable is a piece of thread, and you must thred it 'in' and 'out' of your pedals, and the wreel of thread is the guitar, that's where it all starts

As you do with everything, start with the source... your fingers>the strings> the pickups etc
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If your tuner isn't first, you have to turn off all the effects between it and the guitar so that the effects don't change the quality of the tuning.
(eg. Accidentally having a whammy pedal on infront of the tuner is obviously going to give your tuner some messed up signals.)
Having the tuner first makes thing simple, effective, and helps prevent from mistakes like that from happening.
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