so, i talked to my local #canadian# music store person. im looking for an amp around 600-800 (preferably less because of tax and everything, i have like Maybe 800 bucks) bucks NO MORE THEN 800. he suggested a randall rg 50tc tube amp. idk.

im going to try a lot out so give me some thoughts on what to look at

i play metal (BFMV) SOME lighter stuff but not much. i want a metal amp.

it will be mainly a bedroom amp, hopefully a gigging amp soon but nothing big. i could mic it anyways, i dont want a 300w tube amp suggestion thankyou very much

if it helps. i have a jackson DK2S with duncan designed humbucker, but soon to replace it with probably just a step up duncan, you can suggest humbuckers and guitars too.

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a 50watt tube combo is not a bedroom amp.

but it will work for the bedroom and then get me through the next 5 or so years of my musical life right? i need a good sounding amp and preferably loud because its a lot of money for only a bedroom amp
It'll work.
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It'll work.

for the sound level or the sound quality, is this the best metal amp for my price range?