I've submitted 2 tabs/chordsheets now and both were rejected for unknown reasons. I've read the forums and FAQs and, to my knowledge, followed all "the rules". The chords on this site for both of the songs I submitted are incorrect and the chords that I sent were accurate. I am having trouble understanding the checks that are done for quality and how it is determined what makes it on this site. Any advice y'all can give so that I can correct any formating problems and resubmit would be appreciated.

I have a lot of chords that I could submit that would likely be a help to many. I often go to this site to find chords to a song when playing it for the first time, and after discovering the chords posted on this site are inaccurate, I tab/chord them myself.

I've looked all over the site, but if I am missing a link to where the "rules" are posted please let me know, as I've have searched the site and read everything I can find and also submitted questions on the forum, but so far, I've had no luck.