my favorite genre of music is progressive shred, especially when it incorporates jazz, blues, funk, and other stuff like that. does anyone know any good guitar virtuosos that fit in this setting besides (but not unlike) buckethead, shawn lane, bumblefoot, greg howe, guthrie govan, rusty cooley, mab, al di meola, allan holdsworth, john mclaughlin, paul gilbert, eric johnson, vai, satch, and malmsteen?
oh my dear lord, thats your favourite style and you havent heard of Jeff Beck, please tell me im wrong!
also check out steve morse. and definately look at marco sfogli
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crit4crit on 'acoustic 1 (with piano)' here

Rate my playing skills please.
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marco sfogli

oh good god yes, not enough people know about him

i've got his "there's hope" album and its incredible!

might wanna look into marty friedman, symphony x or maybe rush?
Top lel.
oh, no, i have a good lot by beck and morse, can't believe i didn't put em in, cuz i love em alot

i'll look for that other dude's stuff
maybe slightly obvious, but dream theater?

or maybe something like strapping young lad?
Top lel.
a bit more fusion oriented, but check out Scott Henderson and Tribal tech.
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got dream theater and syl, but thanks, man

check out andy james too

it took me forever to find his first album, but you can find him on myspace
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Mattias IA Eklundh
Dave Martone
Derek Sherinian [Keyboard player, but you'd like his stuff. Very fusiony]
Andy Timmins
Neil Zaza
Jason Becker
Ritchie Kotzen
Don Ross [Acoustic player]
Andy Mckee [Acoustic player]

Ill probably think of more later...

Actually, check in the Random Shred Chat thread or the fastest guitarists thread at the top of the page. You'll discover alot of folks in there.
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Another guy whos pretty unknown but I personally think is decent: Dimitar Nalbantov -> head on over to www.nalbantov.com - I have both his albums and think they are very good
A list of instrumental guitarists I have stuff by:
Adrian Belew--Odd Experimental Guitar Stuff
Adrian Legg--Folkish kind of stuff, but damn he can play...
Al Di Meola--One of the classics. Worthwile for his alt. picking even if you don't like his music.
Zakk Wylde--The Pentatonic master :-P He has some fun instrumental stuff, but most of it's really short.
Buckethead--Everything from Classical to Country to Rock to Death Metal, & a great player.
Bumblefoot--Kind of odd, but an INCREDIBLE guitarist. Tapping, thimbles, fretless, he can do it all, and he has some great solos too.
Cacophony (Jason Becker & Marty Friedman)--not all instrumental, but in general, guitar is the centerpiece of the music here imo. Somewhat neoclassical ish at times, and the whole two awesome guitarists together makes it amazing.
Children Of Bodom (Alexi Laiho & Roope Latvala...sp?)--Only a couple instrumental songs from their live stuff, but pretty cool....Alexi's duel with Janne (keyboards) is quite cool.
Chris Broderick--Just some stuff of his from youtube, but he's an amazing guitarist, ranging from metal to touchstyle, jazz, slap, and classical.
Dave Martone--Quite diverse between albums. Clean is one of my favorite instrumental CD's that I own. Dave's a really cool guy in real life too. Some of his other stuff can be a bit odd, and if you want to get into him I'd definitely recommend starting with Clean, as it's much more of a straightforward guitar album.
Francesco Fareri--Amazing technique, musically imo can get somewhat tiresome after a while, but he has guitar stuff, piano stuff, bass stuff, etc. and some of it's really cool.
Greg Howe--Another just awesome player. I regret that I don't have more of his material than I do, and it's on my list, and while I know a lot of people don't like the album Sound Proof, imo it has a few really cool songs.
Guthrie Govan--One of my favorites if not #1. Also imo quite possibly the best technical player out there these days, but he manages to keep everything very musical.
Jared Meeker--Pretty Cool stuff, haven't listened to it a while. I'm generally not huge on his tone, but that's not a huge deal. I have to listen to it again before I can really judge.
Jason Becker--See Cacophony--Awesome stuff, though another guy I'm not huge on the tone of. So sad that he can't play
Jeff Loomis--One of my other favorite guys. His solo album is very metal, but very cool. Think Rusty Cooley, but more metal and a very different lead style. I may write more about his lead playing tomorrow but he's a monster.
Jennifer Batten--Hooray for female guitar players--She is another one who has some very odd stuff & some very cool stuff, and a pretty unique style, but like Meeker, I need to listen a bit more before giving my judgement.
Joe Satriani--I should hope I don't need to say anything. Awesome Rock, Great legato, etc.
Leo Kottke--Another Folk/Acoustic Guy who can play some pretty incredible stuff, but his style is nothing like Legg's.
Marco Sfogli--Seriously, just look up Andromeda on youtube--really melodic playing, kind of Petrucci ish from what people tell me (I still don't have trooch's or Gilbert's solo CD's....I know I fail)
Mattias Eklundh--Another very unique style, very innovative, open to playing with chopsticks, no strings, etc. Some of his stuff is downright bizarre, but he has some amazing songs ranging from Jazzy stuff to metal, but all done in his own distinctive way.
Michael Angelo Batio--Kind of like Fareri in that he's a great technician, but I personally find his music a little dry & I don't like his tone...
Ray Zhou---Very cool stuff, some with a kind of satch/vai ish feel, some stuff that's a bit heavier than either of them. I'd like to see him get some more recognition.
Rusty Cooley--Awesomest Sweeper of all perhaps, pretty metal/neoclassical stuff. A lot of people don't find his solo stuff musical, I happen to like a lot of it. If you don't like it, still check out his band Outworld though.
Shawn Lane--Another tragedy, but simply indescribably amazing stuff. Amazing Legato, Amazing Alt/Economy Picking, Amazing melody and feel, he will be missed.
Steve Vai--Like Satch, he's one of the more well known guys & there's not too much I can say. He's probably been one of the main inspirers of half the guitarists I listed.
Yngwie Malmsteen--Neoclassical, everyone knows his sound. Unfortunately I find that his music can seem somewhat repetitive, but in moderation, very nice.

Here's a list of guitarists I have one song by so I can't give a great review. I'll review their songs tomorrow:
Brett Garsed
Cyril Achard
Dave Kilminster
Derryl Gabel
John Petrucci (I need more, I know. I've heard some of it, and obviously it's great. Dream Theater is sick too).
Joy Basu
Lyle Workman
Magnus Olsson
Marc Pattison
Mario Parga
Milan Polak
Phi Yaan-Zek
Richard Daudé
Richard Hallebeek
Rob Johnson
Scott Hughes
Scott Stine
Stefan Rosqvist
Stephan Forte
Stephen Ross
Terry Syrek (I really dig some of his stuff too, I just haven't gotten around to getting more)
Todd Duane
Vladimir Korovin

Of the top of my head,
John McGlaughlin
Allan Holdsworth
Joe Stump--Yngwie Ish
Chris Impelliterri--Neoclassical kinda guy
Goncalo Pereira (I don't think I spelled that right, or impelliterri...i'll check tomorrow)

I'll probably give more in depth reviews as time comes.
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andy timmons man,

andy timmons

look into it
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steve howe. 'nuff said.
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Jorn Lofstad is an amazing guitar player and they just write killer pro/power metal.
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andy timmons man,

andy timmons

look into it

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might wanna look into Rob Marcello? hes very yngwie-ish, but really good!

these two, also Marco Sfogli wins big time.

if you like acoustic stuff, not so proggy but Harry Sacksioni is great (and a real virtuoso).

for the rest.. Michael Romeo from Symphony X is really good.
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Reb Beach, John Petrucci and George Lynch do some mean solo work.
Allan Holdsworth is pretty incredible.
Nicola Fassi is pretty amazing but good luck tracking down some of his stuff.
alright, i already have stuff by just about all these guys, but thanks!
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Andy Timmons

Richie Kotzen

Neil ZaZa

All previously stated but they are musts in my book.
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oh my dear lord, thats your favourite style and you havent heard of Jeff Beck, please tell me im wrong!
also check out steve morse. and definately look at marco sfogli

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i've always found pop to be harder to play than metal... especially shred metal... it's just really fast tremolo picking and the occasional palm mute... and the only chords you have to worry about are power chords...
ok, i have stuff by all but a few of the guys mentioned. i was hoping someone could point out someone a bit more unknown, as i do research for these kinds of guys. thanks for all the effort, yous guys!
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No one has said Mike Orlando.

love him, sonic stomp is a great album
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OP if you haven't heard them yet you should definitely check out Liquid Tension Experiment, and Spastic Ink.
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alright, still nobody i don't know, but i'll keep lookin!
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OP if you haven't heard them yet you should definitely check out Liquid Tension Experiment, and Spastic Ink.

and Anything Ron Jarzombek related honestly
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impellitteri, kiko loureiro, della vega (his actual music; not flight of the bumble bee at 320 bpm), takayoshi ohmura, concerto moon, galneryus, the human abstract (first album), circus maximus, the black mages, obscura

EDIT: okay, i just saw that more than half of those are on your profile...
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Nuno Bettencourt, Paul Waggoner, Robin Trower...
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