hey, i recently got interested in talk boxes, and want one that i can primarily use for bass. it'd need to be good to go live, and id prefer if the sound is going through my cab and not a PA. ive looked around a bit and the Rocktron Banshee looks pretty sweet. ive heard its tones arent all that great, but people seem to give it good reviews. Ive got a masa-boogie 4x12 cab, so having a cab isnt a problem. I looked into the Dunlop Heil and the Rocktron Banshee 2 as well, and i just cant make my mind up, any suggestions?

summed up: talk box for live bass, preferably run thought masa 4x12 cab. Rocktron Banshee, Banshee 2, or Dunlop Heil best bet?