my head imploded.
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I would be angry too if there were turds on my head.
It did sound weird, but I never head anything like it before. Interesting. Probably to much fast parts at the beginning.

Crit back please?

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haha that is rediciously random. The tone of the guitar at the beginning i wasn't feeling but the fast parts i liked. But yeah song is pretty cool for throwing random stuff in. keep em comin

How should I change the tone in the beginning?
The main riff towards the start and end is brilliant, really works well with the beat. Awesome song man and I'm not usually a big fan of guitar soloing
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The main riff towards the start and end is brilliant, really works well with the beat. Awesome song man and I'm not usually a big fan of guitar soloing

Yeah, I had that riff playing for some time before I decided to record it.
Thx for the crit

i personnaly thought it was amazing, the song evolves so nice
so well recorded and so many gr8 sound fx
all perfectly in time
only thing i thought might be good is to leave maybe a couple of baars without the lead
and just leave the tremolo voice
is that a saxophone that i can hear that comes halfway through

really gr8 song, only i don't really like is the really fast soloing, mainly cos i don't like metal (no offense)

i really like how the lead guitar stop and starts, i
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That was actually good. Its like Jew metal or something. Sounds like something they would play at one of their parties or something. It is very atmospheric and has a light air to it that makes it really accessible and kind of humerous just because I've never heard a song like this. It is strange, but in a good way. Recording quality and stuff is great too! It actually has the vibe of the song "Rasputin" by Turisas, kind of, anyways.

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type as i listen:

ah i love the chromatics, they actually sound very tasteful.

this is genius, I feel like im listening to cirque de solei

are you playing the horns? they sound great

on the solo toward the end sounds like it gets off a little bit (rhythm wise), but not too noticeable

i really enjoyed this, very unique, and the main theme was very catchy. I like the whammy trick you did in the theme.

good drum beat to it, very perfect.

awesome stuff!

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dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors