so maybe its a dumb question but what is the difference between grain filler and wood filler. i know that local stores sell wood filler and it would be nice to not have to order the grain filer online and wiat for it but if its a big difference then i can wait.

i also was wondering about white paint. i have an lp that i sanded down to the wood and i want to paint it all white like the alpine white lp's and i was concerned because some sites like reranch said that if you put the clear coat over iwhite it can yellow it. i dont want that. i want it to be bright white. would i have to not put a clear coat on it? im kind of confused by what i read. any help is great. thanks
Wood filler fills up dings and gouges in wood. Grain sealer stops the grain from raising up, giving you a smoother finish in the end.
Wood filler or putty is really thick and is for larger holes wont do at all for the small pores in wood. Most hardware stores should sell some sort of grain filler. I know ace hardware does.
cool. i ended up lucking out and getting grain filler from a local paint supply store. thanks for the info. i kinda figured it that way anyway
i hear about several people using epoxy as grain filler.
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