I want a new amp but i dont rlly have alot of money i was thinkin of buying a peavey bandit 112 on craigslist.. however i am afraid the older models on craigslist are not as good as the newer model...

heres what they look like can yall tell if these sound the same as the newer models?



It's probably the best inexpensive SS amp, it totally blows away the MG, Fender Frontman, etc.


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its MUCH better than pretty much any other solid state ive ever heard, good call by the guy above me. i'd go for it, my rhythm guitarist uses it and it does well enough.
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They change the way the Transtube models look every couple years. My guess is that they sound the same, because they would be like "New and updated!" if they actually changed the circuitry.

I have a Peavey Rage 158 (a SS Transtube series amp) and I like it a lot. More than my Spider, which is sad, seeing as the Rage was like $100 and the spider was $400.
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The bandit has an awesome tone-for certain styles of music-

I love it's lo-fi distortion...I might get one and play it in stereo with my Peavey Ultra...
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