Hi i play mostly metal and since its a cheap amp i might consider buying it. I now have a pod xt live but its too much for me now and i cant get every tone i want out of it. Also i will both have the vypyr and some money if i sell the pod. Is vypyr 15 a good choice for metal?

I live in Turkey and there are no vypyrs right now so im thinking about getting it from america from an online site like musiciansfriend.com... would that be ok? is it a good idea.
I wanted to get a Vypyr. But too many people had too many problems with them from hums to squeels to boot problems. I didn't want to risk getting a problem amp.
I like the vypyr as well as the Roland Cube. The Cube is twice as much though.
I don't like the cube as much. It doesn't sound as realistic. But I'd save up just a tad more and get atleast the 30 watt vypyr. To me it sounds much different than the 15 watt and has more features. For only 299 you can get the 75 watt version. If you want to save even more you can get the tube version for 469 which is what i have and well worth it. Of course I don't know how much that is in your country. But I see you want a cheap one so I'd say go 30 watt.
distortion tone in general is lacking on mine, along with every 1/10 times it fails to start up right and gets three lights and just frozen causing reboot. find a good speaker replacement and i think you are probably good to go though.
I haven't had any start up issues with my vypyr but it's a newer one. Also the stock speaker sounds great in the one I have. I know some friends who replaced their vypyr speaker with other ones v30's and 75's and ended up regretting it. They went back to the stock speaker because it sounded better with it. Peavey did a good job of figuring out what speaker works for this amp. I think a lot of people just assume it needs to be changed because it's not a popular name brand speaker when actually it sounds better for it than the other ones.
I really like my Vypyr 15. I upgraded from an 8" to a 10" speaker. The stock 8" was really cheap. Even an 8"er from my Vjr combo sounded better. But there is no substitute for size. Which is one reason why the 30 is a better deal. I wanted the 15 because I needed a small toteable amp. Mine had a problem where you had to unplug the guitar cable until after it was turned on. But that problem went away.... weird.
I had a Vypyr tube 60 for about a week. Loved the tone and effects, but I had the boot issues that just got worse and worse, even after upgrading to the latest firmware. I reluctantly decided to return it, because I figured having to bounce the power switch 10 times to start it up when it was cold couldn't be very good on the tubes. In a $450 amp, that's unacceptable. In a $200 (solid state) amp, I could probably live with it.

I ALMOST bought a Vypyr 30 as a replacement, but decided to go with the Vox VT30 instead. I've only had the Vox for a day, so my experience is somewhat limited, but here is my impression of the 2:

- both sound great - you really can't go wrong with either one at these price points

- The Vypyr I think had a more limited range of tones in it's amp models. The Vypyr seemed to have a few clear models, and a bunch of heavier distorted channels which many of them sounded pretty much the same to me. For metal, that's probably OK, and I can see why a lot of metal players rave about the Vypyr.

- The Vox on the other hand seems to have a nice variety of tones all the way from clear to metalesque distortion. This suited me better because I play more classic-rock/punk/grunge and not really a lot of metal, so I like the versatility. A metal player might find it limited, although you can always add a distortion pedal to help it out.

- The Vypyr definitely has more available effects, although some of them are pretty useless. I really like the ability to have effects before and after the preamp - that was a distinct advantage of the Vypyr. Not that the effects are bad on the Vox - in fact, they are very good and "practical", you just don't have as much variety as the Vypyr.

- It was nice having an onboard tuner on Vypyr, which the Vox lacks, but that's not really a deal killer for me.

Like I said, overall, you can't go wrong with either of these. Since you play metal and don't have access to try out the amps, I would say the Vypyr is probably a safe bet for you.
i LOVE the tone on my cube, its so great, iv played both, and i personally take the cube over the vypyr
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