I have no idea why there are no k'naan tabs at all...I mean yeah its rap but he still has alot of cool guitar in his song. But If someone could please tab "If rap gets jealous Ft. Kirk hammett" I would really appreciate it. Thanks
bump bump bumpity

I love this song man, and there should be more k'naan tabs

I am the King of Carrot Flowers

agreed, it is an amazing song. put a request in on the main page and someone will eventually work one out.
for real...even some Boxing My Shadow...like that lil intro, its so tight...
Waivin Flag Chords

C F Am G

Anyone want to make their own version I highly recommend
Thanks for the chords. I don't music well enough to play the song properly just from the chords though. Hopefully some one can get some proper tabs up. Great song!
I've fallen here looking for the tabs... C#m / G#m7 / F# are great for the verse, but the chorus starts with 3 powerchords, G#/F#/E, then goes E/F#/G# and down again the rest of the chorus goes the same as the verse. Hope it helps!