ok so ive been playing for 6yrs now and obviously at this point ive written a lot of songs/riffs, and i put most of them into guitar pro, but now im thinking guitar pro sounds awful and i want to be able to record myself, so whats the best home-recording software, hopefully something that has a drum machine, or at least software where i could add the drum lines/other instruments from guitar pro onto the track i recorded, any suggestions of good recording software?
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How are you wanting to record? If you already have a mic and an amp then something like audacity, or reaper would work. I know audacity is free, I'm pretty sure reaper is as well.

I only have experience with audacity and it works fine for just straight up recording. If you want drum tracks you can download them off the internet, just do a little searching. That being said, I know some people don't like audacity, so YMMV. For what I do (recording riffs, putting together simple songs without backing tracks (yet)) it works great.
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This is really a question for the riffs & recordings thread- you might have better luck there. But to try to answer your question, just about any recording software with VSTi's will do the trick. I personally can't stand reaper or audacity. I would much rather use Cubase or Adobe Audition (my personal choice, btw). But to be honest, trying to set up drums in Audition is a pain. You could try using Hydrogen or a similar program- I don't have the patience for it, I would much rather use an electric drum set or drum machine or microphone and a bunch of pots and pans...but to each their own. Hope this helps.
The Boss BR-600 is a cool little unit if your looking for a digital recorder. Onboard drum machine (with presets and velocity sensitive pads to make your own beats) and tons of fx and simulators (bass & acoustic with variations of both). Pretty cool device, check it out on boss's website or reviews on youtube if your interested.
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