ok so theres this girl i really liked and she liked me a lot too but she has a boyfriend. she keeps flirting with me and one of my friends who talks to her all the time tells me shes always talking about me and that she wants to go out with me. its been driving me crazy so i took her to a movie and told her a lot about how im getting depressed and that she has to pick between one of us (in a non harsh way). so now im pretty sure she decided to stick with the other guy who is a total douchebag to her and now i dont think she likes me anymore but i still like her. should i have ever said anything?
Cut the breakes on her boyfriends car,win win..

Oh yeah This..
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So, you liked this girl, she liked you but was dating a guy. You told her to choose between you and him and she chose him.

And your question is was it a mistake to ask her to choose...?
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so theres this girl...

relationship thread.
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