Are either of these any good? I might be able to pick up a 2nd hand LP Standard pretty cheap.

Whats the studio like? I would imagine its just a slightly crappier version of the Standard, right?
I have both an Epi Standard and Studio. Both are good guitars. The studio is lighter and a little bit smaller. It also lacks some of the hardware that the Studio has. I actually like the feel of the studio better, but the sound of the Standard.
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A studio is exactly that. A version of a Les Paul for recording with in a studio.
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I own a standard and LOVE it. it has really good sounding low end especially, good for rock. also has a nice clean sound, very ovibous humbucker sound. Defiantely great guitars
Studio is pretty cheap. I'd avoid it.

Some of the standards are ok. What's your budget? There are better LP's around.
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There are better LP's around.

What he said. rondomusic.com is your friend. I know, they are cheap in price but NOT in quality.
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the studio is a cheaper no frills version
iwhich means no binding flat top i think open coil pickups
and so forth
id shell out the extra for the standard some look pretty nice
worth a pickupchange though
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Quote by Artemis Entreri
Studio is pretty cheap. I'd avoid it.

Some of the standards are ok. What's your budget? There are better LP's around.

about $500 AUD

Obviously I'm buying used.
I have a studio and it's really nice, I think they are actually identical in construction to the standard but with limited finish options, no binding and dot inlays. The pickups are open coils but I don't know that there's actually any technical difference. Neck profile is the same I believe, hardware is pretty similar too.
A studio Gibson is a fine choice; a studio Epiphone is a poor idea. They're bolt on with horrid pickups and shoddy electrics.

Either save up and find a good Epiphone (standard and up) or go looking at some other brands. I've got no idea what's available in Australia though; sorry.

Edit: Looks like I put my foot in my mouth there. The Studio LP (according to the Epiphone site) has pretty much the same construction as the Standard. The difference seems to be cosmetic. Though with Gibson/Epiphone there are always those small details they forget to mention :P
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The studio has got worse pickups, no binding and some other minor flaws, I recommend looking into Agile or Tokai because Epi's can be a hit or miss, mine is not perfect, the G and the B string sometimes goes out of tune and mine had to be set up twice before I was satisfied with it, but still I think it's a great guitar for the price, except the minor tuning stability.

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Go look at the guitars and decide for yourself. Opinions are like a$$holes and everybody has one.
The Basic Difference is finish between the two. Studio's don't have the binding around body and neck and that is really the biggest difference between the two. Like any guitar you should try them if you can then decide.
Remember the advice you're getting here are by people who think that something like a Cube 30x or vibro champ xd isn't loud enough for a practice amp in a bedroom ,that alone should tell you something.
If Burny are available in Oz, they have a very good reputation but new, just a bit over your budget, perhaps.
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I can't speak for the Les Pauls because I didn't try a LP Studio, but with the Epi Dot, there's a noticable difference in the quality of the fretboards and fretwork between the Studio and the regular Dot. Perhaps it was the specific examples I was looking at, but with the ones I tried, the regular Dot played noticably better and had visibably better fretwork and fretboard.
Agile guitars > Epiphone, i own both, sold the epi lp now but i had both at one time and side by side the agiles are way better. Im talkin in compitition with gibson studios..... rondomusic ftw