I don't play bass but this beauty makes me want to. Can anyone tell me if $80 is a good price for this bass I found on craigslist?

I don't know anything about it besides the fact that I'm buying it used for $80 locally.

Thank you!
well its a beginner bass... and for that much don't expect it to feel good. if its your first bass i would spend a little more and get a squire VM jazz bass
How much do those cost? I'm on a no-income budget here.

EDIT: Whew, I just looked at the "stop dreaming start playing" kit and that's way out of my price range. Thanks anyways, but it looks like it's this bass or no bass.
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It looks like a Washburn T12. I've never played one but the last time I saw one new for sale it was like 150. They're supposed to be pretty good for the price too.
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I think that's it's best purpose. It's not going to sound the best or feel the best but you'll be able to learn to play on it.
Yes, I'm from California, yes I like Hockey, no I do not like the Ducks, yes I like the Kings!
you know you need a bass amp too right? a bass will screw up a guitar amp
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I like the finish on that.
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My mate's got one of those,same finish and all,which really is nice, as a starter bass,they are pretty damn good, and quit well built, 80 bucks seems a fair price, I'd say go for it,
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