I haven't a clue, they have pretty much everywhere on the UK there except where I live. Useless bastards.
you either go and pick it up and pay there, or you can do the paypal, basically its just where you advertise stuff, the transactions don't actually run through the site
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you call the person about the item for sale, if your interested you ask said person if they're firm on the price (meaning if they will stick to the said price or if theyre willing to go lower) judging by that you set up a meetup day/spot, and yea thats pretty much it. if your buying something electronic you might want to go to the sellers house to test out the item.
well, the way i've done it in the past is email or call the person i want to buy from, we schedule a meeting place and the transaction happens.
They're basically the classified in your newspaper but on the internet.
Some people let you haggle or trade items, others are kind of strict.
How you pay is really up to the person I think.
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Most of my music equipment was found with CL. Really good deals, like my $200 Blues Deville.
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