Hello all,
I am a huge blues fan but can't seem to find much tabs out there for some of my favourite artists. I can find only one Son House tab which is a shame on a website that boasts tons of Nickelback tabs and Nickelback can quite rightly suck my ***. There is a tab on this website for 32-20 blues - the Keith Richards arrangement:
This is something I really had fun learning. I like having the thumb do a bass-line while the other fingers go crazy.
I recently saw this video:
Which blew me away but - of course - there were no decent tabs for it.
With these kinds of songs in mind can you recommend some tabs you think I might like? I prefer guitar pro as it is easier but I am open to any suggestions.
Also - any songs that you might recommend for blues soloing? Stuff that has a really good blues sound to it - not necessarily fast or crazy all over the place but there is only so much B.B King a man can dedicate himself to.
the robert johnson 32-20 is on this site and so are alot of songs of his. Try some blind lemon jefferson, mississippi john hurt and blind blake. big bill broonzy's hey hey is on this site too. rory gallaghers bankers blue is great if your up for the challenge( i cant even begin to play it), just listen to the song and also pistol slapper blues. i think you might be better off buying a book for the skip james song. in fact, for blues in general, as its hard to find alot of old blues tabs on the net but there are some available.


theres alot of basic chords here but also a few descriptive tabs.

to be honest, im not sure how good they are as i havent tried them. im only learning and im not great. i also love the blues though and hope to get good at playing some fingerpicking songs.


you might also get some good stuff on this site

as for the solos, its hard to give a particular songs. id just say anything from albert king to rory gallagher to clapton, otis rush, elmore james, buddy guy, etc.